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We all have wishes because we are humans and our greed’s are endless, we all have one same wish and that is A Wish of One Day.
Mr. JK Quotes

A wish of one day is about a day when we live our life without any rules and the day is full of joy and happiness. We have imagine that day like heaven, like sky full of stars, rivers full of fishes, Sun is brighter than ever and many other things that make us happy.

Namaste, I’m Jagdish Kashyap and I also wish for that one day, I believe in me and I believe in dreaming because dreaming is a sign of aliveness.

Wishing is good because it’s also a sign of aliveness, we wish because we believe in; and what we believe in? That’s the question. If we believe in ourselves then our wishes is going to be in reality one day or if we are not, then sorry my dear friend you are not going to feel that day, “all you have to do is just start believing”.

I wish for that one day too & I believe!

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